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Why eSim?

With an eSIM or integrated SIM card, connecting to the internet is easy. Just select a data plan that fits your needs, scan a QR code, and you're online. Wherever your journey takes you, whenever you need internet access, ReSIM is there to assist and help you save money.

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Works with your existing SIM-card

Keep your SIM card and phone plan to receive calls, while using our eSIM data plans for apps and internet


Flexible plans
in 100+ countries

Stay connected to high-speed data anywhere in the world, without expensive roaming fees



Up to 85% cheaper than roaming with your own carrier. No hidden fees and unexpected bills


No hidden fees
Prepaid data only

Enjoy high-speed internet with one prepaid plan without fear of being overcharged


Fast and Easy
No SIM card needed

With eSIM or an embedded SIM card, you can go online in a few simple steps



Activate on your phone or another device in less than 5 minutes, no SIM card needed

How it works

In essence, an eSIM is a digital or built-in version of the conventional physical SIM card. So, instead of needing to physically insert a new SIM card to switch mobile service providers, you can easily connect to a new mobile data service via an app.

Does my phone support eSIM?
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Choose a Data Plan for Your Upcoming Trip

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Enable eSIM on Your Phone

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Enjoy Fast 4/5G Internet While Traveling

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What is an eSIM?

How does eSIM work?

How do I know my phone support eSIM?

Can I use the eSIM if my phone is locked to a specific carrier?

Can I install the purchased data plan on multiple devices or transfer It?

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